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Stefano De Luigi's new book.

Twenty years later, the author has completely revisited his work, the subject of his first book, restoring in it a more personal vision with more than half of the unpublished photographs.

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Pages 126
Dimensions 18x23.2
Photos: 70 in four-color process
3mm cardboard cover
Offset printing
Red transparent pvc case
350 Copies


Pornoland Redux is the story of returning from a land where battles are fought and epic feats are accomplished, a place everyone talks about and that everyone would at least like to visit. The borders of Pornoland may be broad and hazy – Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Tokyo, Los Angeles or Milan – yet the geographical venue is not one defined by ‘facts’: it is essentially a representation of oneiric fantasies, dreamy hallucinations, details and obsessions, all even more real than reality itself.


Stefano De Luigi – on tiptoe, edging around the film set almost like a shadow – rewrites the dynamics of an imaginary world now crystallised in a long but well-defined series of situations, caught on the cusp between the banality of everyday life and the climax of the heroic moment.
De Luigi’s photographs bring to the surface what usually lurks in the depths of each individual: their dreams, desires and fears. What the images contain and signify is deliberately postponed, almost as if the function of these photos were to protect the bodies of the actors in space, to put off their actions in time.

Silvia Mazzucchelli

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